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Now Serving Fairfield, Franklin, Hocking & Vinton Counties

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We feel that our services are superior to all of our
local competition for these reasons.

1) All of our incoming phone lines are digital phone line. This will give far less phone noise giving better throughput and no hang up due to poor signal.

2) We are using top notch equipment, Our Web Server & Our mail servers are running on Intel Pentium Pro 200 with 5 Gig of hard drive space 128 Meg of ram 8 Gig Dat drive.

3) Each modem pool of 16 modems has it's own net server cpu so as to not bog down under heavy load usage.

4) When line get full our policy will be to add more modems not hang-up on people.

5) We support US Robotics x2 technology. This could give you the user the ability to down load pages at 57k instead of 28.8k. Almost twice the speed!

6) Our server is located in our own building. This means to it will not up and down moving from place to place.

7) Computech has been servicing & supporting computer systems since 1988. This means we are aware of potential problems and know how to handle them before they develop.